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Hello, my name is Charissa Patterson-Martinez. I was first a girl who survived my childhood then made it thru my 20’s alive and kicking, and boy do I have stories to share. I often wish that I could have open communicated in a judgement free zone the struggle of growing up. We all have obstacles; it would have been splendid to positive ways to overcome some of these obstacles.


My observations set me on a mission. I’d spent years dabbling into my gifts and thus marginalizing my talents when all I had to do was realize they were in actuality blessings to be cherished. Suddenly, my dreams were manifesting into tangible realities! I made an earnest effort to surround myself with mentors.

  I joined a network of positively progressive individuals.  I began to bathe in the inspiration of uplifting books, documentaries, and creative personalities.

There is much more to living than moving through the expected motions of life. We all want to have a joy-filled existence. I became a life coach in order to make it my mission to remind our girls and women of their great worth in this world and be a part of making their hearts smile.  I choose to be part of making women realize their inner power to create and live their own joy-filled life.  I choose to be part of helping women realize their inner power to create and live their own joy-filled life.


Charissa Marie

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

It's Your Time!

Organize your own village. Surround yourself with strong, positive and honest people.

Our Mission
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