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Come On In and Have a Seat

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Look At My Pretty Renewed Chairs!

I am so glad to see you stop by. Those who know me well know that when I get a vision stuck in my head, there is no turning back ……..usually.

The mission at hand was to find the perfect chairs for my living room.

The Search BeginsI found the most beautiful area rug for my front room. Gorgeous; I got it from Amazon

I knew it might be a challenge to find chairs to compliment my unusual new area rug. I definitely did not want to get the very over-sized chair that matched the sofa. The over-sized chair would only allow comfortable room enough for one chair that size and it was just too predictable a move. I pride myself on my unpredictability. This front room was not going to be an exception.

I looked high and low for just the right pieces to hit me. In my mind I had a picture painted. I could not find anything that came remotely close to my vision.

Then I came across a pair of vintage sitting chairs. Each chair cost $12.50. I was sure this was not listed correctly. I mean was I the only one to see the beautiful bones this chair possessed. I almost talked myself right out a blessing when I asked the seller if was sure that he meant to list this cost. Crazy; right? Well, I quickly came to my senses and redirected the conversation to set a time to pick up.  Did I care that the chairs were 45 minutes away? Not really. It was well worth the drive.

Once I got the chairs in my possession, my anticipation to see the completed vision of the room started me on a determined adventure to re-do the chairs.

I know that I would be painting the chairs to an ivory color and I knew that I wanted some sort of print fabric. Initially, I imagined a blue and ivory damask print but the fabric that I came across jut did nothing to compliment the rug.

I decided that I had to start thinking out of the box a bit. I began looking for bedspread covers. Yes, bedspread covers! There was a whole other untraveled lane down that road.

I did it I found the perfect spread, literally speaking. I found it on Amazon. I was a damask print but it incorporated more of the colors that were in the rug.

I ended up using faux leather for the seat and the bedspread cover for the back. Take a look at the outcome. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Charissa Marie

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