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Dream Come True

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Stay to connected to your dreams by any means necessary. There will always be distractions. Distractions come in all matter of forms. Do not allow any distraction to remove the desires of your heart and your God given talent. God has entrusted you with a precious and valuable gift! It is up to you to dream it to reality. It is on you to find the resources that you need to build your dream into a tangible thing. Keep your heart and mind open to useful direction and always trust your instincts. I believe that instincts are God’s Voice whispering his Directions to us. Pay attention!

You have come a long way, baby! The lessons that you have learned along the way were tough enough to allow you to instruct a class on the subject of “I’ve Got This!” Keep on stepping to the beat of your own drum! Keep on singing along to the tune of your own song! Keep on dancing like you are the Dance Queen Supreme, my love! Just keep on keeping on! Always moving upward and onward toward your dream come true!

If you believe in yourself as much as the Giver of all your gifts believes in you, you would be unstoppable. You would emit an undeniable glow for all to see! I ask that you pair your faith and works together. Do this, and I promise that you will have people asking you about the joy you cannot help but to reveal.

Get ready, my friend. Open you heart, mind, and soul and ready yourself to see your dreams come true!

Get to dreaming!


Charissa Marie

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