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Effectuate Your Dream

There are a million things on my mind right now. There are things that I want to do for my family. There are Ideas that I would like to share in my community. I am always thinking on ways to strengthen my family. I could go on and on about the thoughts that enter my mental sphere, because unfortunately, my turn-off switch does not always work when I lay my head down at night. In my dreams, however, there are beautiful images of the fruits of my labor. I inherently come to know that perhaps I am on the right path!

What needs to happen now is challenging, for I must filter my thoughts and select and put into play a course of action! I have realized that I must choose one thing to focus all my energy on.

I have decided, therefore, to thrust my passion and will toward the dreams toward the fruits of my labor that I see at night when I body is at rest. I have determined that I will not be moved from this chosen path guiding my decision. I shall wholeheartedly commit to nurturing and seeking tangible ways to propel my desires into action! God surely did not plant these seeds into my being for them to go un-watered. God is expecting me to cultivate and manifest the dream which He plays for me every night.

Wisdom can never be overlooked. The pursuit of wisdom involves placing one foot in front of the other as you move toward the goal. Others may not be able to see the Divine Plan laid out for you, so it is imperative to not allow anyone to deter you from the positive path to completion. Your duty is to fulfill your dreams and make them tangible! Others need not know. And although positive energy from those you trust is a beautiful thing; it is not required for you to have a successful outcome.

God is counting on us to trust His Vision for us!

Does any of this sound familiar? Are there dreams and goals that you have yet to fulfill? There is no better time than the present to choose these visions and work with single-minded purpose in order to make come true in your life!

Sweet Dreams Love,

Charissa Marie

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