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Ladies Date To Elevate

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

What are you doing in your communities to elevate one another?

I would. love to hear from you. You can make a difference in any part of the world that you live work and play in. You don't have to be rich to lend a helping hand. You could share your time, your know-how and your love.

It takes a village!

Bring your beautiful positive souls out to meet new people and uplift one other. Let’s talk about what motivates us and what we can do as individuals to bring peace, love and understanding our own piece of the world. How are you contributing to the encouragement, empowerment and enlightening of others? Please bring a small gift bag of toiletries for women and children who are presently taking a brave step in the direction of reclaiming their power and residing at a shelter for domestic abuse. I will be passing on these gift bags to a representative of Avalon Center the following week. Please remember to RSVP !

Feel free to in box me or send me an RSVP through

Send me a message for any additional details, I look forward to seeing you there Loves, Charissa Marie

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