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Leave No Gift Unopened

My youngest child is only eight years old, but we've already had conversations about what her gifts. I always impress upon all of my children that their God-given talents are the things they can be profitable from as they grow older. Children must be taught that they are never too young to start considering the talents into which they should invest their efforts. They are never too young to test and see which gifts are most profitable for their future.

I am reminded of the time my 8-year-old daughter talked about writing a book. I encouraged her to do so. Her father is likewise very supportive of her gifts, and has already volunteered to edit. Her brother, Alonzo, is on standby to take care of the illustration, as he is an amazing artist!

"Your Talent is God's Gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God."

- Leo Buscaglia

My youngest daughter writing.

Know that whatever your God-given gifts are – these are ways for you to be profitable. ‘Profit’, after all, means ‘gain’, which can be monetary gain or spiritual gain. At its essence, profit is fulfillment! You will find great comfort, or profit, as you learn via life’s lessons to find the happiness we all yearn for. You are never too old to start doing what you were created to do. My job helps me to "invest in myself".

Me at home on my grind.

My oldest daughter has become a savings-guru. She was saved and purchased her first house before she was twenty. I talked to her freely about the financial mistakes I’d made in my youth. I wanted her to use me as an example and avoid the same pitfalls, and am so happy she paid attention! I continue this example for her siblings today.

Please don't forget to open your gifts!


Charissa Marie

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