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Soft Place to Land My Feet

I envisioned and ottoman to go with the chair piece that I recently finished. I searched high and low and nothing came close to to the picture I was creating in my mind. I decided to make my picture a reality. I snagged a cute little piece at a thrift store for less than $10. At first glance, it was not a pretty sight the fabric was a dirty tan colored tweed fabric and a tan. I am pretty sure it was tan. However, it was so dirty it could have been white eons ago. I knew I could bring it alive with a little TLC. First I removed the cushion 's fabric and the top. Next, I gave it a good sanding and stain. I used some fabric from a previous project for part of the ottoman.

Then I decided I wanted to glam it up a bit. I looked to my for an old rabbit fur coat that I would never be able to fit again. The only problem is that it was a little bit too light in color. I wanted something dark. I have seen fur dyed two different ways one with regular hair dye. Another with RIT, a fabric dye. After doing a little testing it was a parent that I would be using the RIT. It turned out nicely. Check out the outcome.


Charissa Marie

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