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The Luncheon To Remember


This past spring, I met this wonderful woman at a Women’s Conference. She had returned to me some keys and a phone I’d left on a bench outside of the ladies’ restroom. Before we parted ways, she invited me to a women’s luncheon that she would be hosting the following September. I took the information, not sure if I would attend because it had been a while since I have been to an event like this. I had a reason. You see, I have been o these types of gatherings in the past and instead of feeling good, I walked away feeling less significant, lacking somehow. Those things always felt like a pony show to me, and I don’t perform for free. But there was something about her, about Miracle, that was different. She clearly walked in light and had a beautiful disposition about her that seemed genuine. Her name alone called me to pause. God sent Miracle to perform a miracle to bend my rigid thinking toward these things


About a week or two later, I purchased my VIP ticket and booked my stay at the Inn. I figured that if I was going to attend one of these things, I might as well get the full experience. I even purchased advertising space. It was a nice treat to myself.

Finally, the weekend had I arrived! I drove to check into the beautiful Inn where the luncheon would take place. When I woke up that morning, I felt within me a very persistent message to just say yes today. I got dressed, headed to the luncheon, signed in, picked up my VIP goodies, and just as I was about to enter the doors, I run into Pastor Miracle Pettenger! She stopped me and said she had a favor to ask of me.



I had already said “yes” before even knowing her request since I’d already committed to saying yes today. Pastor Miracle Pettenger asked if she could interview me after the day’s event, informing me that it would be broadcast on a Christian network at a later date. I suddenly realized that I had agreed to speak in front of a room full of people without preparation! So, I prayed and trusted that the Gift-of-Gab I’d inherited from my family would deliver at my time of need.

The speakers

As the event unfolded, a lovely spoken word artist and published author named Ms. Epps spoke on walking in faith. She was very inspirational! Another speaker, Elder Ashburn, gave a very moving talk about using your passion to get to your purpose and not questioning the route or worrying about how you will get there. That was a blessing and what I needed to hear. Mrs. Bryant followed, and during her presentation began to speak about butterflies, which, if you know me, is my favorite creature because it symbolizes who I am, and how I often find myself in places I am needed. Mrs. Bryant also spoke about butterflies and delivered an incredible performance of spoken word to a rhythm that swayed the entire audience with its powerful message. I was blessed to just take it all in, and I encourage you to look them all up! You will be glad you did!

Pastor Miracle Pettenger then informed the participants that a short recess would be taken, after which she would be interviewing Charissa- Patterson-Martinez of Charissa Whoa! This was really happening! I was about to go freestyle! I headed toward the ladies’ room to make sure the face and everything was in order, and asked Pastor Miracle Pettenger what sort of questions I should expect. She told me that she would just be asking me general questions about myself and my brand, which immediately put me at ease.

The ladies at my VIP table we're genuinely excited for me. One of my tablemates attempted to fix a stray hair before I went up to join Miracle. As I made my way to the guest chair next to Pastor Miracle Pettenger’s, I thought, “Here I go!” and thanked God for always manifesting my thoughts and desires into reality. I went very smoothly! I held my mic and answered questions. I made the crowd laugh a little and think a little. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I felt completely comfortable and totally at home.

When I looked into the eyes of the ladies in front of me, I felt their encouragement! I felt their hearts being opened! And, always a plus, I could feel they were truly entertained. The crazy thing is I remember waiting to feel nervous. That feeling never arrived. I was centered in peace and speaking of things I was supposed to speak at that very moment!

After the interview with, there was one more surprise interview with Ms. Williams, a charismatic woman who was the morning’s Worship Leader. She is also a mental health clinician and educator. Like Pastor Miracle Pettenger!, Ms. Williams lit up the room!


Once it was all said and done, I had a hard time leaving the event I have to admit. I was elated to meet new friends and delighted to support the vendors. I was excited about cool things that promised to develop from this one meeting.

Back in my room, all I could do was close my eyes, thank God, and just listen for His Guidance concerning what the next steps would be for me. I called my grown-up daughter told her about my experience. She and I understand each other in a way that others do not. Almost without words, she knew exactly what I was feeling, which was a great comfort. The Purpose Lunch Experience was absolutely wonderful! What an opportunity to be surrounded by so many positive women who had so many awesome uplifting things to say! There was a movement happening right there in our presence! I'm so excited and I look forward to opening those gifts that God provides for me love reminding me that my journey is my own journey. It is not my sister’s, friend’s daughter’s, or my mother’s journey. It is my and it will happen in the time it supposed to happen. My adventure is unique and I will continue to ready myself.

Go check out Pastor Miracle Pettenger at

I hope to see you there next year, Loves!

Charissa Marie


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