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This Is No Guessing Game!

Stop second-guessing why you have to deal with obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome. That is a time-waster. Instead you should be using your time to thank God for the experience. Remember, nothing happens by accident. That obstacle that you think is unsurmountable, will most definitely make you stronger smarter and wiser if you choose to confront and overcome it!

It will challenge your creative thinking and force you to think out-of-the-box. Instead, you must use any obstacle as a tool to sharpen your skills. Let me be very clear. Good things don't always come easy. Although you have the tools within to overcome all things, it’s up to you how hard you work, how cleverly you will approach the challenge, how open you are to receive the lesson and how faithful you are to see it to fruition.

Be ready for the challenge!

Love, Charissa Marie

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