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Toxic Life Cleanse

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Make 2020 the year you live! The time is now! No more waiting! Live your life toxic-free!

You are worthy of a total Life Cleanse. This means freeing yourself from unhealthy bonds that hinder for your evolution. You know exactly which relationships are toxic for you. These relationships not only feed off the negativity they create but endanger your very life. It is a totally reckless way to live. There is no one who will take control of cleansing your life but you.

This may be one of the hardest things you have to do. But there is no one else who can take control of cleansing your life but you. You may love this toxic person. Some of us have lived so long in the unhealthy relationship that it has become the norm for us to exist in it. For others, depending on your relationships or situations, walking away cold turkey is may not always be possible. In fact, this can be terrifying because we are ultimately human and genuinely love these individuals. An unfortunate reality is that those who do the most harm to the makeup of our soul include associates, friends, and yes, family members. I assure you this will not be easy.

It can no longer be acceptable, however, to sit idly by and watch any one do harm to you and those you love.

In 2020, pledge not to lose your voice attempting to reason with the unreasonable. This is a waste of time. It is a waste of emotional strength. Nor is it a good choice to keep having the same discussion with people that you’ve had for the past decade only for the pain to rear its ugly head over and over again. Realize that all negotiations must cease! It is time! Because self-love must prevail!

Make a plan; this will involve creative thinking and patience as you navigate your way out of the toxic situations impacting a free life. The goal is to navigate yourself out of that circumstances with the clarity of mind that any harm delivered to your soul is not normal in any form.

Lately I have ad to make great use of my prayer journal. Here is one of my favorite prayer journals. Click here.

I encourage you to positon your life in way that equips you to properly care for yourself and your dependents. There is no harm in learning how to generate residual income now. Readjust your sights from lack to upward mobility.Increase your physical and spiritual strength. Surround yourself with those who want to do the same. Be a positive role model for who look to you for definition. Display what it is to love friends and how to nurture all relationships, and see yourself moving to joyful living!

Be creative! Be inventive! Be prayerful!

And, of course, B.E.P.H.R.E.E.E.

Here’s to your re-charge loves,

Charissa Marie

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