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"Transformation is Required"

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

To Step into Your Next Blessing"

Adversity. We’ve all been there before. Just when you thought you ‘made it’, suddenly you discovered that your ceiling was made of glass and all the good things you envisioned came to a crashing halt. Then you despair.

There is one thing seldom realized about adversity and that it is that is it a beautiful thing if you choose to persevere and walk thru it. Allow goodness and light all ready in you to reveal what you inherently know to be true: that defeat is not acceptable, nor is it happening today! Adversity makes those with little hope to spare, rise up! That it is your destiny to prevail!

While being dragged along by the current of diversity, it is tempting to allow it to direct not only our position but our thoughts as well. Our adrenaline moves with us in an overwhelming desire to combat anything standing in our way. We put on our combat gear and ready ourselves for battle, especially if we have a cheerleader or two egging us on! This helps fan the fire under our bellies in order to express our mojo, and our opposition to the negative forces undermining us.

And that is where we go wrong.

We should strive to understand that adversity is a reminder that we need to change something. Unfortunately, many of us wait until we are put over the edge before realizing that a transformation is required to step into your next blessing.

Things will work out if we go with this flow instead of resisting it. By fighting a current you will eventually exhaust yourself and drown. In essence, there is a difference between reacting to something and responding to it!

Remember, the strength of your voice is powerful. Own that and make use of your greatness and get to your happy place. If it has been awhile since you’ve heard this, let me tell you that you are indeed capable of doing great things. Tell yourself this: “I know what I’ve been promised and I simply need to have an open heart and mind to receive the blessings God has in store for me and everyone I love. I accept this with joy, peace, and happiness!”

Love Charissa Marie

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