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Words Can Hurt A Thousand Ways

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

There is already so much ugly in the world. The trick is not to dump more on top of the already growing pile. I will be the first to admit that this is an extremely difficult task to uphold at times. Although you may get up in the morning with every intention to have a great day, there is always that one person who is going through some "heavy stuff" and has given themselves permission to be a prig. What is a prig, you may ask. The word prig is a noun that describes a self-righteously moralistic person who behaves as if superior to others. It does not seem to dawn on the conscious of a prig that you may carry your own set of luggage and may be going through some "heavy stuff" yourself. The difference between you and the prig. Is that you realize that those people that you came in contact with today have nothing to do with your luggage or current catastrophe. Therefore, it would be unfair to treat them as if they had anything to do with it. A prig can't seem to help themselves and talks to everyone as though their words were not as painful as knives.

That goes for you too. Your words could be used for both good and evil. Make it your business to take a step back and use your words to empower a soul instead.

Little by little words have the power to strip away one's self-esteem. Once that is stripped you're working with a broken slate. It's hard to receive good news when your self-esteem has been through the ringer. Unfortunately, It may be a challenge to receive information without some sort of cynicism until you decide not to. Sometimes miscommunication travels from your heart and mind. Just like that, doubt what you are strong enough to handle. And you forget your strength.

Listen, sis, bro, do not forget your strength! Use your words to empower a soul.


Charissa Marie

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