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You Are Worthy

You would never let anyone disrespect you.

Your business, being an extension of yourself, should likewise command respect. One of your biggest responsibilities as a business owner is to understand that people respect what they value. You will often have to teach people how to respect your business in order to attract the right people.

You are, after all, worthy! This means that you are valuable and have abilities and qualities that merit recognition. It is important you realize and reinforce this self-knowledge in your business affairs.

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Establish your worth

Do not let anyone de-value your business. You must lay out some ground rules, particularly for your family and friends, for example. Consider how people who are looking to participate in conferences, seminars, and workshops, whether held at physical locations or in virtual spaces, pay to participate because they are aware of the value these forums bring.

In other words, your business is not the place for “freebies” or “hook-ups”. As one popular phrase puts it, you have to “pay to play”. Money is exchanged for privilege to engage in the activities and services your business provides, which are valuable and of which you are worthy!

A few things can happen here. Some of our family members and friends will ask why you are charging them. While it is unfortunate that the very idea that blood or friendship should override your path to growth and success, this can be a teachable moment. One basic analogy you could refer to is that a movie theater would not let them in to see a movie for free. Another is that one is expected to pay for a meal when they dine out. Sure, there are rare exceptions, but these are few and far between.

You are not obligated to explain the obvious to anyone. You could simply say nothing. Since you are likely to get pushback from family and friends expecting a free ride, you must grow thick skin and take none of it personal! Gently make them aware of the value you bring. Perhaps you will sponsor one person to attend your business event from time to time, however, please understand that anyone who cannot see your value is not the right customer for you!

Remember: you are worthy!

To begin with, know your own worth. Ensure that others respect your worth as well. As your business develops you will find appropriate business associates and consumers who wish to obtain what you have to offer. If you allow others to diminish your worth, or if you go about doubting your worth, your leadership will not be trusted.

Therefore, commit yourself to improving every day. Nourish your talents every day. Participate in your business every day. I believe you’ve got this!

You are worth it my loves,

Charissa Marie

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